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[31 May 2012|07:05pm]

is anyone here?
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betsuhana gnk chapter 25 summary [24 Sep 2011|06:06pm]

Hi  guys!!!
you can read gnk ch 25 summary on Murasaki no bara no yume  here, under the link... all credits goes to ale-chan
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betsuhana gnk chapter 24 summary [26 Aug 2011|11:55am]

Hi guys... I've finally translated the whole ale-chan summary of gnk ch 24 (issued today on betsuhana) you can read it here:

all credits goes to ale-chan
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GNK Volume 47 [30 Jul 2011|02:44pm]

Here's the summary of volume 47

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VOLUME 47 [25 May 2011|11:46am]

Hakusensha reports that Glass Mask volume 47 will be issued on July 27 in Japan...
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[25 Apr 2011|11:40pm]

Betsuhana gnk 22 summary

Hi all... you can read the last chapter synopses here:

all credits go to miyu-chan (ale-chan)
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Raws betsuhana ch 21 [31 Mar 2011|01:33pm]

as always you can see the raws into the s Section
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Introduction [30 Mar 2011|09:48am]

Hi people! I'm new on this group, and I'm writing from Italy.
A few days ago nummber 46 was released in Italian, but I do not have it still. I'm very very eager to hold it, cannot wait any longer.
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Chinese volumes and Query [29 Mar 2011|12:20pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Dear Peeps,

I am so excited to find this community as I have been a long time fan of Garasu no Kamen. Just to let your know, the latest volume 46 is out in Chinese so for those who know chinese, I recommend your to go grab it!=)

Just a question,would any one know where I can get the 2005 version of the anime? I heard it is quite expensive due to it being a taiwanese production...

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betsuhana gnk chapter 21 summary [26 Mar 2011|02:51pm]

and here's the whole summary of the last betsuhana gnk chapter:

All credits goes to miyu-chan!
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10 Icons [17 Mar 2011|06:36pm]

[02] Masumi Hayami
[07] Maya Kitajima
[01] Masumi & Maya

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Miuchi Suzue is ok! [14 Mar 2011|07:10pm]

For those of you who are worried about Miuchi Suzue sensei, she is ok! She left a message on Hayami Masumi's twitter page :)
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betsuhana gnk chapter 20 summary [25 Feb 2011|03:14pm]

here's finally the whole detailed summary of the latest chapter out today in japan...

feel free to comment if you like...

all credits goes to Ale-chan from smo
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41 Icons : Garasu no Kamen || Glass Mask [06 Feb 2011|09:29am]

♥ 41 Icons from Garasu no Kamen / Glass Mask

[03] Ayumi Himekawa
[05] Masumi Hayami
[20] Maya Kitajima
[13] Masumi & Maya

Find "Murasaki no bara no ito" for the rest ♥
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[04 Feb 2011|11:46am]

Hey guys! I'm new to this comm, but I'll be coming with a batch of recolored icons soon-ish. In the interim, does anyone know where to find Glass Mask after chapter 173 (Volume 32, Chapter 3)? I'd prefer in english, but I'm desperate enough to try Japanese.
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chapter 19 detailed summary [26 Jan 2011|12:20pm]

I've just added the detailed summary.. all credist go to miyu-chan!!!!

let me tell you this pelople... you'll totally love it!
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Bestuhana gnk chapter 19 summary [25 Jan 2011|05:47pm]

ok here's the first brief summary  of ch 19 out on japan today

really... it's like a dream!!!!
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betsuhana gnk chapter 18 summary [24 Dec 2010|03:49pm]

here's the first and second part if the summary

I'mm translating the second part... credits go to ale-chan from smo and Fitria...
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Betsuhana gnk chapter 17 summary [26 Nov 2010|02:05am]

first sumary of the new bestuhana summary:
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[07 Nov 2010|09:55pm]

[ mood | nostalgic ]

Does anyone know where i can read gnK fanfics?
Prefer one shot. I had search and apparently there's no much GnK fanfic there.
So please point me to any sites you know.
Thanks in advance :)

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